I’m really very very sorry about not posting yesterday and as you may know I post everyday so this was an exception. 

I had a really exhausting day. I was at school from 8 am till 5 pm and then I had a handball training from 6:30 pm to 8 pm and then I FINALLY at just about 8:15 pm I’ve got home very tired and literally exhausted. I wanted to write and post yesterday but really couldn’t force myself over the feeling of exhaustion! So I’m really sorry again! Hope you didn’t miss me too much! 

I love you all! ❤️

Question of a day:

Would you like me to do a live stream in the near future? 

Lonely night

Once upon a time there’s a moment at night when I can’t fall asleep at all and my thoughts just keep on coming.. 

I’m here alone.. I’m thinking about my love. My girl.. My precious one.. The one that makes me the happiest.. I imagine her being miles away from me thinking the same. Nights get colder without her..

Only thing that keeps us awake are text message but even though I smile and love talking to her. I miss her physical presence. The time I can lay next to her and feel safe and loved by her.

I miss her so much..

LyRanda Aalece – Limitless

Hello friends,

Monday is ahead of us once again and I decided to cheer up your mood a little with this song that I stumbled on a few weeks back and I’ve actually got to know about the song through it’s singer.

Lyranda is very kind and sweet girl and we met through instagram! She’s very talented singer and when I met her, I had no idea she released this famous song!

Anyway, check her song out and tell me what you think of it! 🙂

Also I’d like to thank all the people who have voted on my latest poll! I appreciate it guys! Just like I said on “Personal Connection” We shape this blog together!

Enjoy the rest of weekend! I love you all!

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Personal Connection

When I started writing yesterday and woke up to my very first post “Unbounded” having over 10 likes and 2 thoughtful comments. I was stunned! I couldn’t believe my own eyeballs! That this might be it! The Connection!

That personal connection we have just made yesterday! That personal connection we have created! Together!

I‘ve personally never felt like this in my life before! But I have this weird shivering in my bones right now that writing is what I was meant to do. Every other way to connect well with people was unsuccesful because I felt literally held under water, kept off by boundaries and rules but then I stumbled upon blogging and writing.. and I could feel it.. I felt.. Limitless!

I finally feel like I’m somewhere I belong. Among the people who share the same passion! I’m no drifter travelling from place to place, from hobby to hobby but formed through darkness and light, I came up in this world. I knocked on the heaven’s door and like a wind blow, I came through the window of opportunity empowered by courage, I gained through you to push some more and make the next big thing coming up, the next best thing.

You as the people have power to encourage me, influence me and fill me with the energy leading to inspirational explosion and we work together as people. We create things we never thought are possible and we feed on each other like a rapidly growing wildfire.


 No matter how much has life dragged me down or up. I always had this undying desire to discover the world around me. I dreamt about it.. Going through the woods with thoughts unbounded from the stereotypical laws of civilization.

That’s why I discover. I went alongside the river today and as I watched it flow, I felt how the thoughts went off my head and I knew. The river flows and I flow with it.

I was free off my thoughts. At that point, I felt great! I felt like I could just stand there not thinking about anything and just be happy that I’m there! 


Welcome to my blog! 

Hello Everyone!

My name is Matthew. I’m 18 years old teenage boy and I have opened up this blog because a lot of people says things as “Matt, you write so much.. You should write a book!” or “There’s something really nice about the way you write, Matt”

So one day I told myself “Here I go!” And “Here I am!” Making it come true!

I hope you’ll enjoy my blogging as much as I will enjoy writing all the adventures and trips we will experience together (not physically) but I’ll try to even that up by sharing it all on here! 

If you have read this very first posted mine, I’d like to thank you very much and I’ll see you soon!